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UK Lie Detector Test ( offer polygrpah testing to determine the truth; being accussed of something that you did not do is terrible, but the feeling of showing you are telling the truth is fantastic. Uncertainty and distrust can damage any relationship beyond repair. A lie detector test or polygraph test shows what is true and allow a relationship to blossom. Often, without having polygraph testing results as evidence, accusations continue and the “offender” becomes the “victim”. If you are considering polygraph testing to confirm truth in an issue, you can be confident that the polygraph test is one of the most accurate means available to determine truth and deception. According to studies held by the American Polygraph Association, researchers have determined that a validity and reliability rate of polygraph testing for relational therapy is as high as 98%.

Services – Private and Commercial Testing, Fidelity Testing, Employment Screening and Sexual Offender Testing

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