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Description – Private Investigator Liverpool are specialists in discreet, professional, confidential investigative services for clients and law firms in Liverpool and the entire of Merseyside. Headquartered in Liverpool, Private Investigator Liverpool is a full-service private investigation company, available to conduct Suveillance, Infidelity Investigations, Listening Devices, Employee Investgations, Company Investgiations. Private Investigator Liverpool are here to help with all your investigative needs. Meeting your needs is their top priority. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Visit their site ( for more information.

Services – Employee Checks, Text Forensics, Infidelity Investigations, Nanny Monitoring, PC Forensics, Trace Assets, Pre-employment Checks, Company Checks, Listening Devices, Background Investigations, Vehicle Trackers, Surveillance, Fraud Investigations, Find Debtors, Missing Person Investigation

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