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Description – Leicester Private Investigators is a full service private investigators agency with over 18 years of detective experience, working in Leicester and over Leicestershire. Leicester Private Investigators provide the topmost levels of discretion and proficiency to fulfil all of your find out how they can help they will help over Leicester and Leicestershire. Leicester Private Investigators’ cases range from Pre-employment Checks, Infidelity Investigations, Text Forensics, Trace Assets, Debtors Traced. Contact Leicester Private Investigators via their website at http://leicester-privateinvestigators.co.uk.

Services – Infidelity Investigations, Pre-employment Checks, Text Forensics, Asset Location, Company Checks, Debtors Traced, Background Checks, Email Forensics, Counter Surveillance, Missing Person Investigation, Employee Checks, Scam Investigations, Babysitter Monitoring, Vehicle Tracking, Recording Devices

Website – http://leicester-privateinvestigators.co.uk

Email – contact@leicester-privateinvestigators.co.uk

Contact Us 1-855-687-PLUS